"For those motivated to make it happen."

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          Big Dawg Training is for any athlete that wants to bolster their game through hard work to propel their skill set with fundamental yet transformative training.  We drive our athletes through detailed training that has been developed through professional baseball players to olympic athletes feedback.  We specialize in baseball performance training, however our weight lifting, nutrition, and mental training can help any athlete.  

       Having trained kindergarten to high school to Division 1 NCAA College Baseball players to MLB professional prospects we can break down any players game and build it up to focus on the players goals.  Big Dawg training was established in 2012 and has helped hundreds of players since it was started.  We do not want to only train our players but also mentor them through the game and in life by utilizing positive reinforcement and teaching the skills to be an elite teammate and leader.

      We love to work with any player that wants to improve themselves.  In life you have to "make it happen" to get where you want to be; just like on the field, which is where we come in to teach this valuable tool.  Our method of training will help athletes on and off the field.  We push them both mentally and physically through proven training that will show guaranteed results and beyond depending on how bad the athlete wants to further themselves.

Positive Training = Positive Results on and off the Field