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   I had the privilege of working side by side with Coach Clark Wright this year, coaching the US Elite 2019 grad National Team (ranked 16th in the country by Perfect Game).  Clark has a way of connecting with young athletes that's seldom seen. His passion and energy are extremely contagious, and the way he communicates information to the individual player is remarkable. He understands how to get the most out of a player while they're in competition. In my opinion, he is as solid and dependable a baseball coach as any I have ever come across at this level.  Clark truly understands the development process of a young athlete, and I feel honored to have had the chance of working with him. I would highly recommend any team or player that's looking for quality instruction and limitless amounts of positive energy to spend some time around Coach Wright. 

             -  Jason Ferber

              Head Coach US ELITE National Team - "Uncommon Standards"

              Team USA Baseball Evaluator/ San Diego Padres Scout

      Playing for Coach Wright, you get an abundance of not only knowledge of the game but of life. His high level of experience of coaching and desire to develop talent sets him apart in this game. Coach Wright instills competitiveness and focus in his players while also maintaining a calm and cool environment. On and off the field he is a winner at everything he does. Playing for him allowed me to continue my development on the mound both physically and mentally which gave me the opportunity to continue living out the dream we all desire. A true winner, a class act, and an unmatched competitor as a coach is all you can ask for and Coach Wright embodies all of those. 

    - Matthew Wyatt, RH Pitcher, University of Virginia and Tampa Bay Ray


    Clark is an excellent trainer and coach.  He maintains a professional approach however still makes it fun for his athletes to learn.  I highly recommend him to any baseball player looking to advance their game.


                         - Coach Nicolas Blanco, Kansas City Royals 

      Coach Wright is an amazing coach, and even better person. He shows equal amounts of love to every and anyone. Wright has the knowledge for the game, and will do anything for his players, even if it's during his free time. Wright brings the energy no matter what situation he is put under (Practice, meetings, games, etc.) Having Wright around during my 2 years taught me that any goal is capable of reaching as long as you're willing to put the work in. He not only coaches with incredible success, he inspires all who encounter him to operate at their highest possible level. A true big dawg mentality is needed around him.

       He sets goals for players and organizations. Playing under Wright taught me how to become a leader, more responsible on and off the field, and to do everything with a purpose, big or small. He will never take the fun out of the game for anyone as he allows you to always have fun, relax, and play the game the right way. Most lets you stay drippy. 

       Wright does not play around in the weight room, as he will push you until you can't go any more. Wright is a coach that I will always be able to look back on, and honestly say he changed my life for the better. He is definitely someone you need in your program and life to get the best out of anyone’s performance.

     - Buddy Howard, Outfielder - Western Carolina University


     I have seen Clark work with players of all ages and skill sets; he keeps his training high energy, fun, and very focused.  The motivation he provides as well as the big brother connection he shares with each one of his players is unmatched.  

        - Gregg Downing, Los Angeles Dodgers/ CEO Five Tool Training

      I highly endorse Clark Wright as a trainer, mentor, and coach.  He has always been dedicated to the baseball diamond and the weight room as a college student-athlete and now more importantly as a coach.  He passes this dedication to anyone he works with and will get you to the next level.  There are alot of trainers out there but if you want to become a better overall athlete and person training with Big Dawg Training is the only way to go.  I would send my college prospects to train with this company.


 -  Matt McCarthy, Head Coach Team TG D Backs, Roswell High School (Ga) 


     I first met Clark at Episcopal High School while he was a varsity baseball player.  In the off-season he became a weightroom monitor and trainer where he studied my training and various athletic prgression programs.  From the moment he started training he was hooked.  He didn't just train, he wanted to know the "why" behind the training, which is the sign of a very smart athlete and telltale sign of a future coach.  The athletes he taught were very impressed with his desire to help them obtain their goals and his overall enthusiasm. His dedication and commitment to our athletes was most notable and I would highly recommend him as a passionate, professional coach and trainer.  

-    Carl Johnson, Georgetown University Head Trainer/   Director of Strength and Conditioning - Saint Stephens High School


    Big Dawg Training has been an invaluable resource for my strength and conditioning training.  Clark has a vast understanding of the game and more importantly has a passion for sharing his knowledge.  Unlike many strength programs I have been apart of in the past, Big Dawg Baseball tailors workouts to my personal, specific needs.  Training with Big Dawg Training has been an essential part of my regimen that has revolutionized performance on the field.  As well as getting better in the gym, Clark is a phenomenal role model who is more than willing to mentor athletes on the increasingly "off-the-field" aspect of the game.  As a high school athlete who has to successfully balance academics and athletics, Big Dawg training have been an incredible asset to navigating this winding road.

          - Arthur, NY Elite Under Armour High School Prospect/ University of Chicago

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